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Journey 2016 ~ Featuring Eva Cernik


Arabesque World Dance
451 Chair Ave 40508 Lexington United States
Come join us in June 2016 for an unforgettable educational Journey through Turkey!

Turkish Oriental and Romani Dance, Floorwork and Zills........Oh My!!

We are still working out the details on times, cost and specific workshops....Eva has so much to offer.

This will be a wonderful weekend, with two full days of workshops and what will surly be an Incredible show!


Workshop Schedule......

Saturday June 4th......


Class Time 120 mins

Turkish Romani Style – Heavy and light styles:
Is not choreographed, just danced (with lots of accented footwork, 9/8 rhythm variations, some zil work, characteristic gestures.

This dance style, known as Turk Roman Karsilama, is done as a folkdance at Romani family celebrations as well as clubs throughout Turkey. It is also done as part of Oriental dance performances in Turkey, usually near the end, as perhaps a Saidi cane dance might be done in Egypt as part of an Oriental dance performance.

Eva will present to you the Turkish Romani (Gypsy) style with their particular interpretation of the 9/8 rhythm, with characteristic accenting and footwork, which is quite different in feeling from the 9/8 styling commonly used by American Bellydancers.

We’ll also focus on attitude and some of that famous (and some infamous) gesturing done during the “heavy” style, so much enjoyed by dancers from Sulukule, Istanbul.

Please bring your zils, if you have them. We will work with zils only long enough to “get” the unique accenting.
Written hand-outs will be given and some CDs of Turkish Romani music will be available for sale.
Big skirts are not used for this workshop.

11:30AM-12:30PM – LUNCH

For dining options checkout our food and lodging info on the website.


Class Time 120 mins

“Sulukule” choreography – (Turk-Roman Karsilama, light style with some heavy style)

The “Sulukule” is a neighborhood of Istanbul, that for hundreds of years was inhabited mostly by Roma people of the music and dance professions. To this day, Turks associate this word with having a “good time!” because that’s where they went to drink raki and dance with the Romani girls. The song “Sulukule” is a bit nostalgic, happy and light, but has some of that typically Rom heavy accenting, where we find opportunity to show off the dramatic gestures that are so unique to Turkish Romani dance.

Eva’s choreography to this song has lots of small jumps and dips, as well as typical fancy footwork of Turkish-Romani style. The dance is fully Romani styling, but some of the moves can be adapted to use in an Oriental dance to other rhythms.

Eva will have detailed written notes for all participants to remember the dance later.

(if the room is nippy, you might want to wear leg-warmers for this dance).

Sunday June 5th.....



Class Time 90 mins

Eva’s specialty since she first touched a silk veil. To her, it is not a prop but an extension of the dancer. It shows the lines of movement and fills spaces that she cannot reach. The veil dancer creates the mood of her dance with kinetic drapes & wraps, and forming shapes in flight. She controls the veil even as it flies out of her hands.Eva’s veil is her dance partner and she recognizes that it has a will of its own!

Eva will teach her signature veil moves in flowing combinations.
Please bring a rectangular light silk veil, with no decoration or trim, 3 yards, 3+ ok if you have long arms.
Some Turkish veils for sale at class & some to loan, so please come even if you have no veil.

12:00-1:00PM – LUNCH BREAK

For dining options check out the Lodging and Food Tab online.


Class Time 90 mins

Learn to play your zils like a rhythmic musical instrument.
We will work on the different odd and even rhythms that Turkish dancers use, as well as some Arabic rhythms that are also used by Turkish dancers. We will work also on the many various sounds that you can get from your zils. Some arm and foot movements will be taught with the zil work, and a lot of coordination exercises that you can practice on your own.


Class Time 60 mins

There is no choreography. Floor work is very traditional in Turkish style dance. Eva will teach how to jump down to the floor safely, and how to go back up to standing, and look graceful and beautiful doing it. She will present many moves that can be done on the floor.
✨Also will include Faux Floor Work – same as above, but utilizing only the less strenuous moves. Will include some “staging” for groups.
Eva Cernik will share her unique approach to floor work! Get ready to “get down” to a whole new ‘level’ of belly dance! Eva has made some of the acrobatic and frequently ‘hard on the knees’ moves that were popular in the 1970’s into more accessible, body friendly, show stealers!

Eva will show different versions of moves, that can be done depending on physical abilities.

All levels of belly dancers are welcome to join us for a fantastic warm up and a new dimension to your dance.

(Dancers should bring knee pads and old heavy socks for the ankles. If they do not have knee pads, they can take some old heavy socks and cut off the toes, and put them up to protect the knees.
The studio will have blankets available for more padding.
They do not need to bring zils.)

Saturday Night, June 4th Mediterranean Nights Gala Show with Eva Cernik

Sunday Evening, June 5th VIP Bon Voyage Dinner!
Location TBA

Vendors TBA

About Eva.....

Eva comes to you to share her knowledge and experience of Middle Eastern dance. After extensive training in gymnastics and ballet, at the age of 19, Eva was first introduced to the dance by Anahid Sofian of New York whose Turkish style left a strong impression. Her other major teachers early on, include Naila-Rose of Denver and Adnan Sarhan of Baghdad. She has worked in many countries and performed on a regular basis with the Erdogan Turkish Oriental Dance Troupe, Inosis Berber Troupe and the Colorado "Bedouin Ballet".

She has researched Oriental dance, its music and context with 23 trips to Egypt and 9 to Turkey as well as lengthy study and work in Iraq, Iran, Spain, Morocco and thirteen other countries. Her research is not limited to the night-clubs of Cairo and Istanbul. It extends to the villages where Ghawazi, Romani (Gypsies) and "folk" dance to traditional acoustic music at their festivals, weddings and in their homes.

Eva offers her findings to the dance community in seminars and workshops and by publishing stories in Habibi, Jareeda, and Caravan; by documenting her own dances on video, of which she now has completed a third two-hour compilation; as well as operating affordable dance tours to Turkey, Egypt and now Morocco.

Eva is well educated in Islamic customs and techniques for self-improvement via thirteen intensive years in spiritual Sufi training.

In her present home in Denver, she produces grand shows with live music from bands such as Sherefé, utilizing traditional dance to express themes concerning spirit and life.

Above all, however, it is the pure dance that has remained her priority. Her audiences are moved by the beauty she creates by aligning with forces far deeper than culture.