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FRIDAY - Bellydance FUNdamentals - Sagat (Ziller)


Arabesque World Dance
451 Chair Ave 40508 Lexington United States
6 Week FUNdamentals Session - Sagat (Ziller)
Teacher: Amorina

Friday Mornings 10:30 Am to 11:30 AM
June 17th to July 22nd

To be a proficient belly dancer most dancers will say that the number one prop you need to learn are the Sagat. Sagat is the Egyptian term for finger cymbals, which are often times called Ziller (Turkish). Many studios start beginning students off with the sagat so that they become more connected with the middle eastern music and rhythms which in turn connects the dance movements as well. To play the sagat you need a pair of cymbals per hand and these cymbals are struck together in different ways to make different tones and different patterns. Each class we will begin with warm-up, then drill basic rhythms with arm movements and traveling steps and close with a cool down. There will be extra sagat if needed but purchasing beforehand is suggested so that you can practice between classes.

Cost: $12 Drop in Fee, $45 for 6 Wk Session, Class Card, or use Month Unlimited Pass